FSC Folk songs spin-off was a FSC spin-off, which happened in March and April 2012. It was hosted by Hele.

The reservation/confirmation thread was opened on March 7th and the deadline was set on March 15th. In this thread, players signed up for the contest and chose the country that they wanted to represent. After they chose the country, they had to select the entry as well. This entry had to represent folk music from selected country. Covers were also allowed and it didn't matter how old's the song.

The 23 entries were presented on March 19th by the organiser, who also presented the host city, venue and hosts. FSC Folk songs spin-off was hosted by Laura Pausini & Immanuel Casto in a lovely city of Naples (Italy). The host venue was Teatro Mediterraneo.

The results show occured on April 5th and 6th.

Entries & ResultsEdit

# Country Player Performer Song Points / Place
1 Slovenia Kryptonite


Ne reci nikdar 17p / 21st
2 Japan Paper7 Rin' Sakitama 65 p / 6th
3 Kazakhstan Scooby Jado Kamakhai 24 p / 20th
4 Taiwan BlueForever Joanna Wang Lost in Paradise 63 p / 9th
5 Albania une Poni Jap e jap 31 p / 19th
6 Spain Simon87 Maria Villalon Aquita de Abril 75 p / 4th
7 BIH Haustor Silvana Armenulić Da sam ptica 11 p / 22th
8 Ireland LokoFan444 Celtic Woman The Voice 79 p / 3rd
9 Cyprus CypriotGirl Nikolas Metaxas Ah triantafyllia mou 62 p / 10th
10 Ukraine ixic Verka Serduchka Gop gop 3 p / 23th
11 Switzerland thevoice Eluveitie Brictom 62 p / 11th
12 Russia busybee Katyuska Chelsea 69 p / 5th
13 Romania Sahistul Electric Fence Sun-ta 47 p / 15th
14 Azerbaijan Narmina Abbas Sari gelin 53 p / 13th
15 Mexico handeyener Thalia Amor a la Mexicana 63 p / 8th
16 France Charlyje Soagig Ar Soundarded 39 p / 16th
17 Croatia Hele. Colonia ft. Slavonia band Gukni golube 79 p / 2nd
18 Turkey Grinch Kagim Koyoncu Denigade kararti var 35 p / 17th
19 Belarus Gera11 Alexander Rybak Kupalinka 33 p / 18th
20 Finland r3gg13 Jenni Vartiainen Nettiin 63 p / 7th
21 Hungary RomanFromRussia Paddy and the Rats Pilgrim on the road 97 p / 1st
22 Slovakia Cooler Kristina Life is a Game 58 p / 12th
23 Faroe Islands VasilijeM Eivor Trollabundin 50 p / 14th

Final Scoreboard & The WinnerEdit

Paddy and the Rats - Pilgrim On The Road (Official video)

Paddy and the Rats - Pilgrim On The Road (Official video)

The winner: Hungary: Paddy and the Rats - Pilgrim on the road (RomanFromRussia)