FSC Love songs spin-off was a FSC spin-off that occurred in February 2012. It was hosted by RomanFromRussia.

The reservation/confirmation thread was opened on February 13th and the deadline was set on February 16th. In this thread, players signed up for the contest and chose the country they wanted to represent. After their selection of country, they had to select the entry. This entry had to be a love song, regardless of the release date.

The 25 entries were presented on February 17th, together with the host city, venue and hosts. FSC Love songs spin-off was hosted by Elisa Tovati (a French singer, actress and television celebrity) and Jonathan Cerrada (a Belgian-born singer who became the first French Pop Idol). The venue was Palais des Sports and the host city was Paris, France.

The results were presented on February 27th.

Entries & ResultsEdit

# Country Player Performer Song Points / Place
1 Azerbaijan Narmina

Faiq Agayev

Ger, Don Me Geri 42 p / 17th
2 Belarus Gera11 Alyona Lanskaya Nebo Znaet 33 p / 20th
3 BIH Haustor Kemal Monteno Dufio Moja 13 p / 25th
4 Croatia LakZaNokte Boris Novković & Tony Cetinski Nek Se Raduje 71 p / 7th
5 Czech R. nofuxCZ Verona Ztracena Bloudmm 59 p / 12th
6 Estonia Valvejoodik Marko Marvere & Liisi Tuulevaiksel Ool 49 p / 14th
7 France Paper7 Blue pop I Can 46 p / 16th
8 Germany FabiESC Sarah Connor Living To Love You 84 p / 4th
9 Greece CypriotGirl Sakis Rouvas To Chrono Stamatao 24 p / 22th
10 Ireland LokoFan444 Blackmore's Night Wish You Were Here 81 p / 5th
11 Italy RomanFromRussia Laura Pausini E Mi Manchi Amore Mio 128 p / 1st
12 Mexico Hele. RBD Solo Quedate En Silenci 70 p / 9th
13 Norway Simon87 Tone Damli Aaberge I Love You 69 p / 10th
14 Romania Sahistul Distinto, Ianna & Anthony Open Your Eyes 36 p / 18th
15 Russia Apocalypse Otto Dix Virtual'naya Lyubov' 20 p / 23th
16 Serbia VasilijeM Madame Piano & Franco Masi Eternal Love 18 p / 24th
17 Slovenia Kryptonite Nina Pušlar Vse, Kar Rečeš Mi 35 p / 19th
18 South Korea handeyener Park Hwayobi Eonjerado 27 p / 21th
19 Spain Cooler Enrique Inglesias ft. Clara Takin' Back My Love 70 p / 8th
20 Sweden Megasalt Sara Varga Mitt Hjarta Tillhor Dig 47 p / 15th
21 Philippines r3gg13 Zia Dear Lonely 72 p / 6th
22 Turkey Grinch Demet Arnavur Kaldrimi 53 p / 13th
23 UK busybee Adele Someone Like You 118 p / 2nd
24 USA sannerz Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat Lucky 116 p / 3rd
25 Venezuela Scooby Carlos Baute Quien Te Quiere Como 69 p / 11th

Final Scoreboard & The WinnerEdit

Final scoreboard
♥ Laura Pausini - E mi manchi,amore mio (tradução) ♥

♥ Laura Pausini - E mi manchi,amore mio (tradução) ♥

The winner: Italy: Laura Pausini - E Mi Manchi Amore Mio (RomanFromRussia)