FSC Robbed songs in ESC national finals spin-off was a FSC spin-off, which occurred in April 2012. It was hosted by thevoice.

The reservation/confirmation thread was opened on April 7th and the deadline was set on April 14th. In this thread, players signed up for the contest and chose the country that they wanted to represent. When they chose the country, they had to choose the entry as well. This entry had to appear in national final of selected country (any year).
Host city and venue

The 28 entries were presented on April 15th, together with the host city, venue and hosts. The event was situated in Budapest, Hungary, because this country won the previous FSC spin-off. Host venue of the spin-off was French Puskas Stadium and the hosts were Tibor Kocsis and Szivilia Peter Szabo.

Entries & ResultsEdit

# Country Player Performer Song Points / Place
1 Slovenia Kryptonite

Nina Pušlar

Dež 90p / 5th
2 Israel Hele Chen Aharoni Or 105p / 3rd
3 Spain Anjeza Coral Er Una Vida 64p / 12th
4 Albania handeyener Alban Skenderaj ft. Miriam Ende ka Shprese 34p / 20th
5 Austria Grinch  !Deladap Don't turn around 31p / 22th
6 The Netherlands KeucFan Raffaela Chocolatte 49p / 16th
7 Portugal r3gg13 Catarina Pereira Canta por Mim 99p / 4th
8 Czech Republic nofuxCZ Helena Zet'ova Love me Again 41p / 19th
9 Moldova Gera11 Dara Open your Eyes 47p / 17th
10 Italy busybee Anna Tatangelo Bastardo 57p / 13th
11 Azerbaijan Narmina Ulviyye Agayeva ft. Alim Follow my Way 8p / 28th
12 Romania ixic Akcent Jokero 30p / 25th
13 Russia Charlyje Julia Volkova ft. Dima Bilan Back to her future 68p / 10th
14 Iceland LokoFan444 Yohanna Nott 115p / 1st
15 Cyprus Cypriotgirl Valando Tryfonos After you 31p / 23th
16 Finland evilperson Johanna Kurkela Olet Uneni Kaunein 51p / 15th
17 United Kingdom theditz83 Deuce I need you 27p / 26th
18 Norway RomanFromRussia Reidun Saether High on love 77p / 8th
19 Ukraine Miguel Max Barskih Dance 89p / 6th
20 Croatia LakZaNohte Luka Nizetić ft. Klapa Proljeće 67p / 11th
21 Denmark Megasalt Stine Kinck Hvad Hjertet Lever Af 20p / 27th
22 Serbia sannerz Jelena Tomošević Jutro 115p / 2nd
23 Greece -M- Tamata With Love 78p / 7th
24 Germany FabiESC Monrose Even Heaven Cries 52p / 14th
25 Estonia VasilijeM Lenna Mina jään 45p / 18th
26 Ireland thevoice Celtic Aura ft. Maria McCool Mistaken 31p / 24th
27 Sweden Simon87 Nanne Grönvall Hall Om Mig 71p / 9th
28 Belgium Sim Katy Satyn Magical Sensation 32p / 21th

Final scoreboard & The WinnerEdit


The winner: Iceland: Yohanna - Nott (LokoFan444)

Yohanna - "Nótt" sung at the 2011 Icelandic Eurovision pre-selection

Yohanna - "Nótt" sung at the 2011 Icelandic Eurovision pre-selection